Stefanos Chatzakis

Developer - Engineer - Designer

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Stefanos is currently employed as a Front End Developer based in Athens.


A highly diverse computer scientist, with interest in all fields of the industry. Currently, proficient in many object-oriented, scripting and assembly programming languages. Passionate for Web and Mobile UI/UX design, animations and creating inuitive, satisfying user experiences. Captivated by finding innovative and groundbreaking solutions for clients by understanding their needs and concerns.


2017Graduated from Kessaris High School in Greece.
2020Graduated from University of Surrey in the UK with a BSc in Computer Science.
2021Employeed by Agile Actors and working at Camelot as a React Native Engineer.


World of WarcraftRank 15 Windwalker in the world (Top 0.04% of the population) Lady Inerva Darkvein Mythic Difficulty.
Rocket LeaguePeaked Champion III in 2017 (Top 0.63% of the population).
League of LegendsAchieved Season 9 Platinum 3 (Top 15% of the population).